aku tidak berharap untuk jadi orang terpenting dalam hidupmu,aku cuma berharap suatu hari nanti kalau kau dengar namaku, kamu akan tersenyum dan berkata 'dia lah terbaik buatku'


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Salam Maal Hijrah

Salam Maal Hijrah 1433 to all muslim and muslimah. Hope this new year of Islam will be better than before InsyaAllah.

today im okay

after fourteen days i admit at hosp klang again for the same reason. but this one more how to say eh, damn je i cant say. my hand , and from 52 kg i been 49kg now because dont eat for 2weeks, drink mineral only, and eat only porridge because after eat ofcourse i vomitting too much , all medicine out, i crying for a whole of weeks my stomach getting hurt and pain really really feel im dying already, zikir be my medicine, i dont know why. doctor say i okay, but im not okay. look pale, dizzy, tired. so sad am i. now im discharge from hosp.because i ask a doctor to give mc and i want rest at home. i got mc 1weeks HAHA , eventhough doc say i cannot discharge yet but i want , its too bored being in hosp. i dont like medicine and i like hensem doctor, ^.^ very patient and gentle beb. hilang sakit aku. 

so today i start work, and now im okay , thanks who worry about me, buy me flower and epals, i like :) very appreciate what you guys do. i love you guys. xoxo XD  sambungg naty.. daaa