aku tidak berharap untuk jadi orang terpenting dalam hidupmu,aku cuma berharap suatu hari nanti kalau kau dengar namaku, kamu akan tersenyum dan berkata 'dia lah terbaik buatku'


Thursday, March 8, 2012


Weather today its quite good again, i just took a cab and arrive at Batu 3 and straightly buy a ticket Bank Negara,its quite awesome because its me only! im like a girl doing some crazy stuff,so far still have smile in my heart *mesti korang aku gedik nak taip dlm BI* and you know what, i arrived there
I got to run away to catch a train, im really enjoy doing it ! you should try, its just like a exercise to mantain your BMI eh* HAHA and spread away your grease fatty fatty inside, short story my hands weak already., finally arrived at Bank Negara i took Lrt Star and buy a ticket to Jln Tun Ismail, so threee! haha no laa , i meet up my friends there and we all huggies kind  has a never met a few years *crying inside act T____________________T just be secret between my heart and me =) 
But im very tired now, so next time i story mory can aa? haha goodnite ! mesti korang hangen je kan, :)