aku tidak berharap untuk jadi orang terpenting dalam hidupmu,aku cuma berharap suatu hari nanti kalau kau dengar namaku, kamu akan tersenyum dan berkata 'dia lah terbaik buatku'


Monday, January 11, 2010

sing song song

i wanna play hide and seek

tell you i love your shoes

and hold your hand
and go for a walk
not mind when you eat my food
at meet you
and talk about your day

and laugh at your
your paranoia
and gives you tapes you don't listen to
watch great films
watch terrible films
and tell you about the tv programme
i saw the night before
and not laugh at your jokes
want you in the morning
but let your sleep in for a while
tell you how much i love you.
and worry when you're late
and be amazed when you're early
and give you sunflowers
and go to your party and dance
be sorry when i'm wrong
be happy when you forgive me
at look at yours photos

wish i'd known you forever
hear your voice
in ma ear,feel your skin
on my skin,and get scared when youre angry
and tell you you're gorgeous
and hug you when youre anxious
and hold you when youre hurt

and get cold when you take the blanket
and hot when you don't
and melt when you smile
and disslove when your laugh
but not understand how you think i'm rejecting you
when i'm not rejecting you
and wonder,how you could think i'd ever reject you

and wonder who you are
but accept you anyway
and tell you about the tree angel
the enchanted forest boy
who flew across the ocean
because he loved you

and buy you presents you don't want
and take them away again
and ask you to marry me
and you'll say "no" again
but keep on asking because though
you think i don't mean it

but i always have from the first time i asked you
i wander the city,thinking
but it's empty without you
but i want what you want and think
im losing myself but i'll tell you the worst of me
and try to give you the best of me
because you don't deserve any less
answer you question when i'd rather not
and tell you the truth
when i really dont want to
and try to be honest
because i know you prefer it

and think it's all over but
hang on for just ten more minutes
before you throw me out of your life
forget who i am
and let me try and get closer to you
and somehow,somehow,somehow communite some of the overwhelming
undying,overpowering,unconditional,all encompassing
heart enriching,mind expanding,ongoing,neverending
LOVE,i have for you