aku tidak berharap untuk jadi orang terpenting dalam hidupmu,aku cuma berharap suatu hari nanti kalau kau dengar namaku, kamu akan tersenyum dan berkata 'dia lah terbaik buatku'


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


there's a thousand words that could say to make
u happy.seems so long go you walked away,left me
alone here without you make me insane.and i remember
what you say to were acting so strange and
mybe i was too blind to see what happen to you.
was it something u tell me to make you turn away
u run away from me.if i could just find a way to
make it so that you were right here.right now
i been sitting here cant you get out from my mind
i wishing i could touch your face rite now.but the
truth remains you're already gone,if i have something
i could do please let me know.this time so passing
slow and mybe i can change my attitude,i already miss
you.please talk wit me,,.if i cant be wit you tell me.
now that we a apart am i still in your heart?i need you
wit me.